Carbon Filters for Dechlorination

Carbon Filters for Dechlorination

Carbon Filters for Dechlorination

Grannular Activated Carbon is a reliable means to remove disinfectant residuals – specifically chlorine and chloramine by-products. Carbon provides very high capacity for chlorine – roughly 1 pound of chlorine per pound of carbon. While carbon has high capacity for chlorine removal, at the same time the carbon bed is a breeding ground for bacteria.

We always recommend that carbon filters be followed by Ultraviolet Units to prevent bacterial growth downstream.
In addition, we also recommend that there be a downstream particle filter to remove the inevitable carbon fines coming from the bed of carbon in a Tank Based carbon filter system.

Operationally, to minimize the chance for bacterial growth, we recommend that the carbon vessel be backwashed every 3 to 7 days to minimize the chance for bacterial growth in the carbon filter bed. By backwashing frequently, bacteria will have less chance of becoming established in the carbon filter bed.

The top photo shows the entire skid and the control panel.
The actuated sanitary valves are controlled by a microprocessor which is sequenced to provide the correct times for backwashing. The system can be set up to backwash automatically during off-peak hours or to be backwash initiated at any time manually based on demand.

This lower photo shows the standard media tank that we have modified for sanitary beverage service. Note that we have added actuated sanitary valves and the necessary supporting frame.

Carbon Filter Projects for Food and Beverage

Carbon Filter Dechlorination City Water for Dairy


This photo shows a carbon filter system that we modified by removing the old face piping which was steel and replacing it with a stainless manifold – again to make the system more sanitary. This is a manual backwash system and maintenance performs backwash at the regular intervals required.

Note also the UV unit in the foreground and the cartridge filter in the right lower portion of the photo.

Dechlorination – Sanitary Piping

This photo shows a system we are installing with manual sanitary valves and piping.
In this project, we are talking about a convenient upgrade for the client as the face piping and valves were old and due for replacement. The upgrade in this instance killed 2 birds with one stone – replace old valves and make the system sanitary.

Dechlorination-New System

This photo shows a 42″ Diameter fiberglass carbon filter with the standard timer thumbwheel valve controls for backwash.
Note that we have utilized stainless steel piping to and from the carbon filter to help keep the system free of contamination.

Please contact us if you have a requirement for carbon for dechlorination and/or organic removal in your water system. We can help with system design, recommendations or even simple rebedding.
If you need a particle filter downstream of your carbon vessel or even replacement cartridges we can help.

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