Industrial Systems

Industrial Systems

Industrial Source Water Purification Systems

Pharma System Skid Being Built
RO System Being Built
Bottled Water Ozone Skid

City Water Systems

City Water Systems typically include Dechlorination and Particle Filtration.
They can be either in Backwashable Units
Iron Removal Systems
Sand and Multi-Media Filters
Carbon Filters
Dechlorination Filters
They can also be with Disposable Units:
Cartridge Filters
Bag Filters

Well Water Systems

Well Water Systems tend to be for Dissolved Minerals which include Iron and Hardness.
They utilize Backwashable Units:
Greensand Filters
Water Softeners

Raw Water, River Water, and Lake Water

Raw Water, River Water, and Lake Water is typically focused on particle removal.  If in addition the water is used for potable consumption then we add Ultraviolet(UV) Disinfection and Log Reduction Filtration to the equation.
UV Aquafine
Small Potable Water Systems

Cooling Water Systems

Cooling Water Systems are almost always include particle removal filtration.  We see many of these with Cooling Tower and Chill Water and Sidestream Units.
Cooling Water Filter/Filtration/Systems

Boiler Water Systems

Boiler Water Systems can be any combination of the above depending on the source.  Boiler Water is at the minimum Softened
Water Softeners
In addition Boiler Water can have Reverse Osmosis and Deionization depending on the pressure and size of the Boiler.

Humidifier Water Treatment

Humidifier Water Treatment is used to clear minerals out of raw water before they can precipitate out on the heating surfaces.
Read more.

Ingredient Water

Ingredient Water is covered under Industry Served and includes:

Stormwater and Rainwater

Storm and Rainwater Reclamation is exactly as it sounds.  We collect rainwater filter and disinfect it, repressurize it so it can sent where it is needed. Read more.

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