Small Potable Water Systems

After several years of looking for a logical and practical system, we feel we have finally found it! This system is based on the high performance of a remarkably inexpensive filter cartridge, Harmsco Poly- Pleat TM. In the past, you would have to spend ten times the cost ($150.00 per 10? length or $35.00 per sq ft) for an equivalent performance. Now, with this filter cartridge as the foundation, it?s practical to provide barrier filtration with filter cartridges.

Included in the system are: an optional Repressurization Pump, Pressure Transducers, Pressure Gages, optional Automatic Switching Duplex and either Parallel or Series Operation.

The entire system does not have to be used, as shown below. In many cases, one or two phases may be eliminated. For example, the duplex feature can be optional, as can the use of a prefilter housing, depending on the water quality. Each system varies slightly due to changing conditions of your water source. Some systems will require duplex automatic switchover to maintain flow rates. Other systems do not require a prefilter because of the extreme cleanliness of the water or low water use. Still other systems can be run without a pump; they simply use the pressure available from the water source.

First, we can help determine specific requirements by pilot scale testing to decide if these filters are practical and efficient for your water supply. Lastly, we will determine whether your need requires prefilter housings and a duplex system as shown in the system above.

A Practical Solution

Finally, there is a practical, inexpensive solution for surface water or ground water under the influence of surface water, requiring barrier filtration to meet SWTR (Surface Water and Treatment Rule) requirements. In 1996, the EPA approved legislation establishing more stringent standards to control giardia cysts, cryptosporidium and other common drinking water contaminants.

One application requiring treatment, is high water consumption on a clean supply. A slow, sand filter is ineffective, because the organic digestion layer cannot build on the upper surface; the water is too clean. Since the water is so clean, under these circumstances, it is practical to consider using disposable cartridge filters. Disposable filters will not be plugged by particles in the water. However, you still need barrier filtration as mandated for surface water and ground water under the influence of surface.

Absolute rated POLY-PLEAT TM cartridges meet the 99.9% removal requirements mandated by SWTR. These cartridges consist of a pleated polypropylene filter media which provides a greater surface area for longer filter life and increased particle removal. The end caps, media and center tubes are one integral component for added strength and seal.

Another application would be if the water has some of the typical contamination associated with surface water or ground water under the influence of surface water, but the use of the water is not high enough to warrant a full scale capital approach. For example, seasonal use: campsites, trailor parks, small hotels and condominiums. These low intensity uses can now be treated inexpensively and practically with this.

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