Amiad Reusable Filters

Amiad Reusable Filters

Amiad Reusable Filters

For more than three decades, Amiad Filtration Systems has been a leader in providing clean water. Using its knowledge and expertise, Amiad has developed a comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient automatic filters and manual filters for use in industry, municipalities and irrigation.

Amiad manufactures backwashable steel and stainless steel units as well as polypropylene plastic filters (shown below) with elements as fine as 10 Microns and Inlet and Outlet Sizes down to ½”


Amiad filters can reliably and economically filter raw water from the ocean, lakes, rivers and ponds. They are also often used in cooling water filtration.

Amiad filters are good where raw water filtration is required, such as Intake Water from , River and Municipal Water Sources.
We often use them in Sidestream Cooling Water Filtration Applications.

Amiad’s Filters Available from Filters Water:

      Plastic Filters

  • Amiad’s Plastic Filters are easy to maintain and in general require no tools for standard maintenance.
  • They are designed with low pressure losses in mind and for flow rates up to 220 GPM.

    Steel Filters

  • Amiad’s steel filters are manufactured from high quality steel with corrosion resistant coatings for specific applications
  • Filtration is available from 3500 down to 10 Micron.
  • There are semi-automatic cleaning options.
  • Units are available for flow rates up to 5,000 GPM with pressure ratings of 150 PSI.


Automatic Filters: See Amiad Backwashable page

  • Amiad’s automatic filters are all automatic and self cleaning
  • Amiad’s automatic filters allow flow to service during backwash.
  • They are corrosion resistant steel epoxy coated.
  • There is flexibility in control options including, differential pressure and/or time clock controls. Controls are available including PLC based control systems.
  • Modular systems and controls are available for high flow rates

See Amiad Backwashable page

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