Tank Vent Filters by Donaldson

Tank Vent Filtration by Donaldson

Tank Vent Filtration by Donaldson

Food Processing Filters – Sterile Air Filters – Pharmaceutical Biotech Tank Vent Filters
Tank Vent Filters – Filter housings and elements for the aeration and de-aeration of sterile storage tanks or containers for transport.

PBE Tank Vent Housing

Donaldson® P-BE vent filter housings are developed for sterile ventilation of stationary and mobile storage tanks used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. The P-BE tank vent filter housing is available in 12 sizes with flow rates ranging from 1 to 1,200 cfm (at ambient pressure).

Choose the Filter Element to Suit Your Application
The P-BE vent filter housings are usually used in conjunction with our P-SRF N process sterile air filter element to ensure sterile ventilation with very little pressure drop or air resistance. It can also be used with many other filter types to meet your specific requirements.

P-SRF N Process Sterile Vent Cartridge This P-SRF N element can also be used as a sterile air filter. usually this occurs at the end of a long run of Coalescer, Dryer, Carbon, particulate and Final air filters.


• Available sizes and connection options meet virtually all air purification application requirements.
• High-quality stainless steel construction and ensures excellent mechanical stability, thermal resistance up to 392˚F, with more than 150 sterilization cycles possible, and is suited for Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) sterilization.
• Borosilicate depth filter media has large void volume of 95%, is chemically inert and developed specifically for the removal of bacteria and viruses.
• This inherently hydrophobic media ensures high flow rates, an extremely low pressure drop, and excellent dewetting characteristics.
• The validated retention of bacteria and viruses provides high safety for aseptic applications in all industries.
• The depth filter medium is non-fiber releasing and all components meet the FDA requirements for contact with food in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), title 21. The filter element is manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Vent Housing - Multi
Vent Housing - Tri-Clover
Welded Housing Also Available
Vent Housing - Tri-Clover Welded Housing Also Available


Pharma – Biotech – Food Processing – Ozonation Venting
A classic application for Tank Vent Filtration occurs in a Pharmaceutical/Biotech water system. When you utilize the more modern approach of Ozonation for Disinfection and also consider that you may want to occasionally Hot Water Disinfect the system, your choices for a Vent Filter are limited. You need stainless to stand up to the continual ozone gas escaping through the vents and you also want something that will stand up to the steam or moisture coming off a hot water sanitization approach. We’re not talking just a Stainless housing. We also have to have a very resistant filter cartridge. The P-SRF N and the Tri-Clover housing at the right are just what you need.

Tank Vent Filtration
Tank Venting is one of the least understood applications in the business. When you consider what’s at stake however it’s very important.
Most Pharma/Biotech the Food processing systems, the tank vent is a weak link as the vent air is the one way that the environment can get into what is a closed processing system. In addition to the bacteriological concerns, you must consider the integrity of the Tank to pressure and more importantly vacuum in design of a vent filter system.
The Tank vent must have bacterial integrity as well as have enough surface area to allow for free flow under both the pressure during fill and the vacuum induced by emptying the tank.

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