Amiad Backwashable Filters

Amiad Backwashable Filters

Amiad Backwashable Filters

Amiad Filters originally came from Israel where they were used to filter water used for irrigation. In Israel water is certainly more scarce that it is generally here in the states. Especially here in the Northeast, we are spoiled on the amount and quality of the water we have About 20 years ago, Amiad Filtration decided to transfer their hard earned filter knowledge into Amiad Industrial Filtration products.

The Amiad USA office is moved from its California location.

Amiad designs are built out of a need for filters which reduce the need for water and other resources. The Amiad designs reduce the need for backwash water over other available technologies. The Amiad Screen Filter designs use about 20% of the water that conventional sand filters use. In general Amiad filters are reusable. You can replace consumable filters with the Amiad designs.

The Amiad filter designs are now coming into their own. With continuing water shortages and the Amiad designs focused on scarcity, Amiad applications are more and more prominent.

Amiad EBS Filter

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Amiad Filter Applications

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