Filtration Others

Filtration Others

Amiad Backwashable and Reusable Filters

Amiad Backwashable Filters

Amiad Filters have their origins in the Middle East in irrigation filtration.

The large Backwashable units filter down to 5 and 10 Micron with a sophisticated Backwashing programs.
The Reusable filters require cleaning by hand in some way and can be very effective for particle removal.
Amiad filters
Reusable filter


Cloth and Paper Filter Media Rolls, Sheets, Pads and Specialties

Cloth and Paper Filter Media Rolls, Sheets, and Pad Specialties typically are made to order to meet custom the size requirements of our clients..

These are frequently made out of Polypropylene but also can be cellulose, wool, rayon and exotic teflons for even more rigorous chemical requirements.

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HEPA Filters

HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are high efficiency air filters available for the filtration of small particles. General definitions rate HEPA filters as capturing a minimum of 99.97% of contaminants at 0.3 microns and larger in size. HEPA/ULPA Filters from FWI are rated at 99.997 at 0.12 micron and above.
HEPA Filters are the basis for the following products.:

Filter Presses

In simplest terms, the primary applications of filter presses are to separate solids from liquids. The product to be gained from the filtration process can be the liquid or filtrate (as in fabric processing), the solid or cake (as in metal hydroxide removal), or both (as in distillery applications). Regardless of application all Sperry Filter Presses are designed with three essential customer objectives in mind:

  • To meet filtration requirements
  • To minimize capital investment costs
  • To minimize operating costs

We sell:
1. Filter Presses
2. Filter Press Cloth and Paper
3. Filter Press Plates

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Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filter systems provide pressure and lubrication utilizing a fluid. The Hydraulic Filter selected must be compatible with a range of fluid types. The Hydraulic Filter conditions synthetic oils used is hydraulic filter systems, oil based fluids, lube oils and water soluble emulsions.

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Hose Assemblies

Several of our customers have asked us for Hose Assemblies to go with their Hydraulic Filters and or Air Lines. below are some examples of the Hose Assemblies we have prepared.

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