Air Disinfection Systems

Air Disinfection by Radient

Air Disinfection Systems

The Radiant Clean Cap is designed to disinfect cap-to-bottle for contamination control within the beverage industry
The Radiant LOC system is designed to offer controlled disinfection of surfaces within a confined space or room. The typical application of this system can be seen in Hospitals, Laboratories, Food process plants, and high traffic areas.

Air Disinfection Systems are used in the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Custom Applications

We utilize Ultraviolet, Ozone, Carbon Filtration, and HEPA and ULPA filtration, to provide disinfection solutions for the markets above. Ultraviolet is a proven technology for disinfection, and additional technologies are used as required for the specific application.

Air Disinfection System Products


The Always Fresh product line offers clean air solutions through various technologies depending on the application requirement. Providing clean air solutions by odor removal, chemical removal, and disinfection of microbial contamination.




The Radiant Silo system is designed to meet airflow disinfection requirements of storage tanks systems. these units are custom designed for the size of the silo.


The DIU (Duct Insert Unit) is designed to handle airflow of 40,000 CFM and larger. The DIU is designed for target microbial control with options of air filtration.

The Radiant SHOC device is built to use natural airflow for in room disinfection circulation.

This Conveyor system is designed for food process applications sending the disinfected product through the chamber at production speeds

Versatile Disinfection and Air Filtration Products

  • High static pressure load capability Microbial Ultraviolet disinfection•Provides large particle to micro-particle removal
  • User friendly performance display
  • Pathogen and contaminant disinfection control
  • Ozone production available
  • Controls of system minimize downtime
  • Performance valuation internally controlled and indicated on display
  • Industrial strength construction

Systems are delivered plug-in readyRadiant Always Fresh is the most versatile air cleaning system on the market. Within the Always Fresh line you have the ability to:

  • Provide clean fresh air
  • Recycle dirty air into clean air
  • Remove Dirt to very low micron levels
  • Remove VOC contamination
  • Remove Odors
  • Remove Smoke
  • Remove microbial contamination

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