The Aquafine Optima HX series features new state-of-the-art Low Pressure, High- Output lamp technology.

This reduces the number of lamps  over current low-pressure models reducing both installed and operating costs and thus has the lowest life cycle cost of any UV product on the market.

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Ozone Disinfection

Ozone – O3 Oxygen – has been generated for years. Generating ozone is easy. Generating a controlled amount is difficult. Generating a controlled amount for an extended period of time is even more difficult.

Measuring ozone precisely is perhaps the most difficult of all. System design is primarily dependent on measuring ozone accurately. A sucessful application relies upon precise measurement of current ozone levels and control of the subsequent amounts Ozone – O3 – generated.

Finally, assuming control of how much ozone is generated, the next task is to get it to react. In water, ozone reaction is dependent on dissolving the ozone in the water. If undisolved, ozone bubbles off without reacting at all and goes into the atmosphere, quickly degrading to simple O2 Oxygen.

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Air Disinfection by Radiant

Air Disinfection Systems utilize are used in the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Custom Applications.

We utilize Ultraviolet, Ozone, Carbon Filtration, and HEPA and ULPA filtration, to provide complete disinfection solutions.

We provide State of The Art Monitoring and control to insure you are protected.

Radiant Systems provide disinfection for plant and facility and clean room air.

In addition Radiant provides Surface disinfection utilizing Ultraviolet.

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