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Water Softener Systems for Hardness Removal

Duplex Water Softener Steel

Water Softeners primarily remove hardness from a water supply. Hardness is the collective term for Calcium and Magnesium which are Divalent Cations. Also we have used water softeners for iron and manganese removal – Divalent Cations also.

Water softeners can be single tank as well as Duplex and even Triplex for difficult circumstances.

Water Softeners can also have fiberglass and Steel Tanks.

Water Softener Service and Reconditioning Values

  • Service Flow Rates 5 to 15 GPM/SF – Standard 10
  • Backwash – 5 Minutes @ 5 GPM/SF
  • Regen Draw – 17 Minutes @ 1.25 GPM/SF
  • Slow Rinse – 60 Minutes @ 1.85 GPM/SF
  • Fast Rinse – 6 Minutes @ 2 GPM/FT3 of resin

We use the Tank Flow Rate Table above and the Service & Reconditioning Values to estimate how a Tank Based Water System will work. You can first determine how large a tank based system you will need by looking at the Service Flow Rates and then checking for Tank Size in the table.

For example, for Boiler Feedwater Softening, to remove hardness at a flow rate of 25 GPM, use 10 GPM/SF as the Standard Service flow rate. To get to 25 gpm in the table, at 10 GPM/SF we see a 24 inch tank will work.

Finally, we also determine from the table, how much water the softener will use for regeneration.

  • Backwash – 5 Minutes @ 5 GPM/SF
    5 X 15.7 = 78.5 Gallons
  • Regen Draw – 17 Minutes @ 1.25 GPM/SF
    17 X 3.9 = 66.3 Gallons
  • Slow Rinse – 60 Minutes @ 1.85 GPM/SF
    60 X 5.8 = 348 Gallons
  • Fast Rinse – 6 Minutes @ 2 GPM/FT3 of resin
    6 X 6(FT3) X 8 = 72 Gallons
  • Total Gallons Used = 564.8

Other tank based water treatment systems include:

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