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Industrial Water Purification Systems

Filters Water offers two main types of Industrial Water Purification Systems. First are Tank Type Water Purification Systems. These include: carbon, sand and multi-media filters as well as softeners, de-alkalizers and pH control neutralizers. Manways at the top and the bottom of the tanks are important for removing and replacing minerals during rebedding and reconditioning services.

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For Instrumentation see: Instrumentation - Myron-L Ultrameter.

See Cartridge Type DI Systems for Cartrdge DI.
See Exchange Tank Type for small portable off-site Regenerable Systems.
See Laboratory Water Systems for water used for solutions make-up in the lab.

Second are Membrane Type Water Purification Systems which include: Reverse osmosis systems and ultrafiltration. Membrane purification is becoming increasingly important in reclamation and water reuse packages. Membrane purification systems also have increased usage in all standard methods of water purification.

Storm water and Rainwater - Recycle and Reuse: Recent ideas in Green Building design for LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Credits include using collected rainwater as a supply for cooling water makeup, boiler water makeup and irrigation use.

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