Stormwater and Rainwater Systems

Stormwater and Rainwater Systems

Stormwater and Rainwater – Recycling and Reuse Systems

Rainwater-Reuse-LoopRecent ideas in Green Building design for LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Credits include using collected rainwater as a supply for cooling water makeup, boiler water makeup and irrigation use.

Stormwater and Rainwater Reuse requires straightforward filtration and bacterial control to provide water usable for cooling tower makeup, boiler water makeup and irrigation. While the unit processes are straightforward to condition the collected rainwater and/or stormwater, the collection process and reintroduction into the boilers cooling towers and irrigation systems. In addition, the storage tanks take valuable space and the plumbing required to move the water back into the system after it’s collected needs careful thought and planning.

At the right is a general schematic of a system to filter and sanitize the collected rainwater

rainwater-stormwater-reuseThe System photograph shows a filter for removing the particles from the rainwater, an Ultra-Violet Unit for bacterial control and the associated Loop and Control Panel setups for a typical Rainwater – Stormwater Reuse application.

Each system will “set-up” differently depending on the bacterial loading, the size of the storage tank(s), the turnover of the recycled water and the frequency of use.

The storage tank for this system is on the far wall while the filter for this system is on the wall. Bacterial Control can be done using the UV unit shown. Alternatively a Chlorine Feed System can be used.

The recirculation flows and uses of the system are determined depending on the use and storage factors mentioned above. Each system is set up differently and then optimized as use and quality data are analyzed.

If you are interested in Stormwater-rainwater-reuse, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your system requirements.

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