Capsule Filters

Capsule Filters

Capsule Filters

Capsule Filter Barbed Connections DSC_0069 PS5

Capsule Filters can be described in two ways.

One way to look at Capsule Filters is as a mini cartridge filter. They are generally but not necessarily smaller than a typical cartridge filter.

Another way to look at capsule filters is as a cartridge filter and a cartridge filter housing all in one.

Capsule Filters allow filtration of solutions that have no operator contact with the fluid.

No operator contact with the fluid works 2 ways. In some cases operator contact can cause contamination of the fluid.

Alternatively, capsule filters provide a margin of safety for the operator because in changing the filter, the operator is shielded from potentially harmful or dangerous solutions.

Most Capsule Filters are available with pleated cartridge filter media.

Capsule Filters also provide lower hold-up volume than cartridge filters with housings for valuable solutions.

Capsule Filter Tri-Clover Connections DSC_0071
Capsule Filer Threaded Connections DSC_0079bsm

Capsule Filter Inlet and Outlet Configuration

Shown are photos of the three main end fitting configurations.

Barbed Fitting

Sanitary Tri-Clover

Threaded – 1/4″ Male & Female, 3/8″ Female, 1/2″ Male & Female

Luer Lock vents are available upstream and downstream for venting of the capsule Filter.

Capsule Filter Lengths

Capsule Filters are available in 2″, 5″, 10″, 20″, 30″. Actual surface are depends on the media selected.

Capsule Filter Filter Media

Capsule filters are available in Polypropylene Depth and Membrane, Fiberglass Depth, Polyethersulfone Membrane, Nylon Membrane, Teflon Membrane and composites combining the depth and absolute filtration characteristics of the above medias.

As an excellent way to test scale-up of a process, we can manufacture Capsule Filters with the identical filtration media desired in the full scale process. In this way Capsule Filters, allow for a simple transition from the pilot size to full scale production. You can scale up based on the amount square Feet or Meters of media and the volume of liquid from the pilot stage up to the production stage.

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