Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters

Stringwound Cartridge Filters

Stringwound Cartridge Filters

Stringwound Cartridge Filters at their finer micron ratings rely mostly on Van Der Walls or attractive forces for their small particle capture. With this in mind, using depth Stringwound Cartridge Filters or any depth filter, flow is a critical factor in the filter’s performance.

A TIE or Ten Inch Equivalent is the way we normalize or standardize the operating parameters of Stringwound Cartridge Filters.

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Spun Bonded Cartridge Filters


Spun Bonded Cartridge filters are manufactured through a process that thermally bonds pure Polypropylene microfibers with lower density at the outside surface and progressively higher density toward the center. This is Graded Density. This fully automated manufacturing process assures consistent quality, filter to filter, year in and year out.

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Carbon Cartridge Filters


There are two different types of carbon filter cartridges. Interestingly enough, the more recent development is the Carbon Block Type Carbon Filter Cartridge because of advances in pulverizing and entrapping carbon in filter media.

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Cartridge Filter Housings – Steel & Plastic


Cartridge Filter Housings can be steel or plastic. In general steel housings are more readily utilized when the applications require more than one cartridge in the housing. Special duty plastic housings are available which have more than one cartridge for chemical compatibility issues when metallic housings are not appropriate.

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Capsule Filters

Capsule Filter Barbed Connections DSC_0069 PS5

Capsule Filters can be described in two ways.

One way to look at Capsule Filters is as a mini cartridge filter. They are generally but not necessarily smaller than a typical cartridge filter.

Another way to look at capsule filters is as a cartridge filter and a cartridge filter housing all in one.

Capsule Filters allow filtration of solutions that have no operator contact with the fluid.

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DE Filter or Lenticular Filter

DE Lenticular Cartridges

DE or Lenticular Filters  are manufactured using a process combining Cellulose and Diatomaceous Earth.  The concentrations of each determine the micron ratings of the filter.

This material is cut into pads or formed into the cartridges you see here and are used for fine chemical, biologics, utility and Food and Beverage Filtration.

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Pleated Cartridge Filters


Pleated Cartridge Filters Types:

  1. High Purity
  2. Light Industrial and Commercial Grade

Types of Pleated Cartridge Filters: Membrane, Depth, Prefilter, Composite, Disc, Capsule

Grades of Pleated Cartridge Filters: Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage Grade, Electronics Grade, General Grade, Water Grade

We provide Harmsco Industrial Municipal and Commercial Pleated Cartridges and Housings.

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Bag Size Pleated Cartridges

Bag Sized Pleated Cartridge

Combining the benefits of a cartridge filter but as big as a bag filters, the Bag Sized Cartridge Filter has some of the benefits of both.

This Cartridge fits into a Size 1 or Size 2 Bag Filter Housing.

It is available in 1/2 to 100 Micron.

We use it for high dirt holding applications in Metalworking and others.

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