Cartridge Filter

Standard ¾” Inlet and Outlet Plastic Cartridge Filter Housings

Cartridge filters are best utilized for systems with contamination less than 100 ppm – which means with contamination levels less than 0.01% by weight.

Higher concentrations mean the Bag Sized
Pleated cartridges or Bag Filters.
Most Cartridge filters are disposable, which means that they have to be replaced when the filter is clogged.

Permanent cartridge filters usually have to be backwashed.  See Amiad Filters.

Cartridge Filter Housings are Non-metallic or Plastic or Stainless Steel
Cartridge Filter Housings are single or multi-round and can be metallic or non-metallic.

Types of Cartridge Filters:

  1. Stringwound Cartridge Filters
  2. Spun Bonded Cartridge Filters
  3. Carbon Cartridge Filters
  4. Capsule Filters
  5. DE Filter or Lenticular Filter
  6. Pleated Cartridge Filters – High Purity & Light Industrial
  7. Bag Size Pleated Cartridges

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Bag Filters

Bag Filters
Bag filters

Bag Filters are a workhorse of the filtration industry. Finer and more carefully controlled construction in the manufacturing of filter bags have moved bag filters into filtration areas that they had never seen before.

In addition to traditional felt and mesh filter materials, FWI provides bag filters utilizing specialty woven, melt blown and other non-woven media for such uses as oil absorption or FDA compliant, high efficiency applications.

Bag Filter Housings
Housings are single or multi-round and can be Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Non-Metallic.

Specific information on our Bag Filter offerings is as follows:

  1. Bag Filters  “Replacement” Elements
  2. Bag Filters Systems
  3. Bag Size Housing
  4. Bag Size Pleated Cartridges

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Air Filters


Whenever we look at Air Filters there seems to be an infinite number of sizes, types and options. It’s not just sizes in Length and Width but also thickness and kinds of media available. We can help you sort through this to get the right filter for your application.

Below are some of the Air filters we carry:

  1. Glassflos Air Filters
  2. AirGuard Air Filters
  3. AAF-American Air Filter
  4. Koch Air Filters
  5. Dust Collection Filters Bags
  6. Dust Collection Cartridges
  7. Donaldson Compressed Air Filters
  8. Donaldson Tank Vent Filters
  9. Donaldson Steam Filters

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Iron Removal Filters

Iron Removal Filters

In New England iron is our most difficult water contaminant.
Also in New England iron is our most common contaminant.

Well waters contain Iron.
City water contains Iron corrosion of city mains.
Cooling Water contains iron from corrosion of piping in the cooling water system.

For well waters it’s best to get the iron before it goes from dissolved to suspended.
Greensand Filters
Water Softeners
For suspended Iron in the incoming water to a facility we use:
Sand and Multi-Media Filters
Once the Iron is in a facility to treat the process water we use:
Bag Filters
Cartridge Filters

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Other Filters or Other Filtration Products

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