Ozone Destruct Units

Ozone Destruct Units

Ozone Destruct Units

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Filters Water Ozone Destruct Units successfully remove excess ozone in the workplace. We use a catalyst system to destroy 99% of ambient ozone. The catalyst method requires less reaction time than thermal destruction and can react at room temperature. Ozone is converted to oxygen. The catalyst is not consumed by ozone and can give many years of service.

Ozone Destruct Units Features:

  • Available in convenient Tri-Clover connections for quick fit up to existing contact tanks.
  • Utilizing Catalyst for complete conversion.
  • Low electrical power requirements.
OZD 15
OZD 15
OZD 20
OZD 20
OZD 35
OZD 35

OZD Unit Sizing

ozds tableOur ozone destruct Units are sized in two ways. In the Part Number, the suffix to the Part Number? i.e. Part Number: OZD-35? The 35 corresponds to the flow rate in SCFM for which that unit is designed. Also, in the table, the GPM column is simply the SCFM times 7.34 which converts to GPM. There are 7.34 gallons per cubic foot.

In a lot of ways the GPM is the correct way to look at Ozone Destruct unit sizing. The typical application is for off gas from a contact tank. In this type of system, the Ozone generator typically makes a very small amount of gas compared to the recirculation rate of water entering the tank. The gas which can exit the tank exits the tank not simply as a result of the gas produced by the ozone generator but more commonly as a result of water entering the contact tank. Therefore, for correct unit sizing in a contact tank, you size the Ozone Destruct Unit for the maximum inflow of water to the tank. The flow of maximum flow of water into the tank what can displace the maximum amount of Ozone laden air in the space above the water level in the contact tank.

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